The Customer

BioSpace was founded in 1985 as a comprehensive life science industry news and information source. Today, the company is the leading digital hub for biotechnology jobs, breaking industry news, and expert analysis. 

Their mission is to provide essential insights and industry-specific career news, and other resources to connect innovative organizations with qualified health professionals. They do this by providing in-depth coverage for everything across the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries in the form of several opt-in newsletters, including:

  • GenePool - 5x weekly, covering life sciences breaking news, top stories, and special editions
  • Career Insider - weekly, covering career resources, job trends, and advice to manage life sciences career
  • Member Communications - as needed-basis, covering BioSpace updates including upcoming events, weekly job opportunities, and website updates
  • ClinciaSpace - 5x weekly, covering clinical trial results and news highlights from the editorial team
  • BioPharm Executive - weekly, covering insights on vital business, scientific, and clinical news
  • Sponsored Communication - as needed-basis, covering messages from trusted BioSpace employers and partners

Users can easily locate these newsletters on BioSpace’s website and manage their subscriptions there. Over the years, the demand for BioSpace’s newsletters has increased steadily, making the once simple-to-manage process slightly more complicated.

The Challenge

Since BioSpace’s inception, the organization has prided itself on offering the resources needed to advance health and quality of life across the globe. To achieve this and engage with their base, they utilized two software solutions:

  • Magdex, a job board and career center platform
  • Oracle Responsys, a campaign management tool used by BioSpace for their emails  

Each of these platforms housed different personal data needed to build out their newsletters. Some were built in Madgex; others in Responsys. As noted earlier, much of the process was elaborate, with several steps and necessary details to generate the right content for the correct newsletter. They also went through hoops to connect users’ emails to their newsletters. As more people subscribed to their newsletters, their Madgex and Responsys portals became flooded with data.

While it was not necessarily bad to have so many people interested in their newsletters, BioSpace felt they could streamline their processes. Toggling between different platforms and performing a series of manual tasks was beginning to take its toll. Manual processes such as these also put their data at risk. Naturally, they decided to look for a more seamless avenue to build out their various campaigns and send them on the proper schedule.

The Solution & Results

After reaching out to our team, we were excited to help turn their challenge into an opportunity through a unique integration. We worked together on a sustainable solution, ultimately landing on integrating customer data stored in pipe "|" delimited (.CSV) files with email templates in HubSpot.

This lets BioSpace easily pull and use the appropriate personal data -- which newsletter contacts subscribed to, email address, first name, sending cadence, and more -- to create their newsletters. They can also quickly pull up their email template and add in the content instead of the long-winded processes they were previously going through. The integration also helped BioSpace:

  • Eliminate manual tasks, helping to save time and improve data quality 
  • Send their newsletters to the right people at the right time
  • Tap into HubSpot’s email template and other functionality 

BioSpace’s integration continues to operate smoothly.  On top of all our integration work, the Lynton team also helped onboard BioSpace onto Marketing Hub so they could not only use their email templates but measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. All of these developments combined help BioSpace continue to be the premier digital science and healthcare job outlet.