The Customer

CCB Technology is a nationwide business IT services provider that offers services to help nonprofits, churches, and corporations to lower their IT overhead and overcome their technology services. Working with over 500 leading technology companies, they provide fully managed or co-managed IT services or individual help with projects like enabling security, disaster recovery, setting up printings, handling network connections, and making software updates.

The Challenge

Before reaching out to the SyncSmart team, CCB Technology used ConnectWise, a CRM platform built for technology solutions providers to house their customer data, and HubSpot Marketing Hub for their marketing efforts. While both systems are robust, using them disparately proved difficult.

For example, when CCB Technology wanted to ramp up their email marketing efforts, they faced hurdles in extracting contact information from ConnectWise. Moving around this issue involved many manual processes that ultimately led to siloed, hard-to-run sales and marketing campaigns.

The Solution

After researching, CCB Technology ultimately discovered SyncSmart and our HubSpot ConnectWise integration. Together, we determined syncing their ConnectWise data with HubSpot would resolve the issues they faced when locating information to later use in emails and other campaigns.

Knowing that they already had crucial data needed for companies and contacts in both systems, we devised an integration solution to ensure no data would be overwritten and duplicated. In our conversations, we worked to figure out appropriate fields to map when moving their contact and company records.

Ultimately, we were able to:

  • Push ConnectWise company and contact data into HubSpot without overwriting or duplicating data. We did this by identifying the ConnectWise ID to update the records rather than create new ones.
  • Map out a bi-directional integration between contacts and companies without disrupting their existing data set. Company and contact data now flows seamlessly between the two systems. This ensures the team is capturing the most accurate information from HubSpot forms and moving it into ConnectWise in real time.

The Results

CCB Technology can access the most up-to-date information about their companies and contacts with the integration in place. They can use this data to create more personalized and automated emails, as well as segment lists. On top of all of this, our partnership opens the door for future additions to the integration.

Without the exchange of information between these two systems it would be impossible for us to accomplish these goals in an efficient manner. Practically speaking the exchange of information between the two systems was previously a manual process and had several gaps. Not only will this allow us to close those gaps, it also saves CCB hours of time each month.”
- Kyle Jolly, CCB