NetSuite + HubSpot

Make Stronger Sales, Marketing, and Financial Decisions

Connect your disparate data sources, improve data quality and accuracy, and improve your sales, marketing, and financial decision-making with the market's most powerful NetSuite HubSpot integration.

What Can You Do With the Integration?


Quote From HubSpot

Want your sales team to work solely in HubSpot but quote in NetSuite? With the integration’s sales and quoting extension embedded in HubSpot, they can. When a quote is created, the integration syncs the updated fields back to the original deal, allowing them to use HubSpot’s tool! 


Create Closed-Loop Reports

When HubSpot knows which of your leads converted to customers, you win with valuable reporting and automation. When NetSuite syncs sales orders and revenue to HubSpot, you unlock a whole world of potential - Reporting Add-on Dashboards, revenue reporting, advanced list segmentation, and workflows.

Make the Most of Sales & Marketing Data

Enjoy full control of sales and marketing data. If you create a lead or contact in HubSpot, it and all its supported information will show in NetSuite and vice versa. Your teams can:

  • Get all their sales work done in NetSuite while tapping into data stored in HubSpot
  • Share marketing and data between departments without having to log in and out of platforms
  • Use customer, company, and contact object and field data for personalized campaigns and workflows 
  • Rest easy knowing data is up-to-date and accurate

Fit Your Integration to Your Needs

Your HubSpot NetSuite integration combines the capabilities of your NetSuite account — whether it’s used as a CRM, ERP, or financial system — with HubSpot. Customize your NetSuite integration to match the functionality you need. You can also:

  • Configure hierarchy of parent and child relationships in NetSuite to HubSpot or sync on individual field-by-field basis
  • Account for multiple owners in NetSuite by using custom owner properties in HubSpot
  • Bring in custom object and corresponding data to operate in your unique fashion
  • Embed the Mini Timeline in NetSuite to see the last five HubSpot activities

What Object Data Flows Between NetSuite and HubSpot?

Make your integration work for you by choosing from more available objects than the competition.






Companies Customers “Customers” in NetSuite also refers to and includes “Leads” and “Prospects.”
Companies Vendors
Contacts Contacts
Contacts Person Customers
Contacts Person Vendors
Deals Opportunities
Deals Sales Orders
Deals Invoices
Deals Quotes
Deal CRM Extension Quotes/Sales Orders
Engagements Supported “Engagements” in the data share include meetings, calls, notes, emails, and tasks. Activities
Products/Line Items "Products" are required for line item syncing and sync in one direction, from NetSuite to HubSpot. Priced as one object mapping. Products/Line Items
Custom Objects Custom Objects

Guided Onboarding And Implementation

Unifying your NetSuite and HubSpot accounts is simple and backed by experts. See how we help from Day 1.

Work With SyncSmart To Set Up The App

Find the NetSuite integration on the HubSpot app marketplace or contact SyncSmart, then complete the installation process. From there, you'll meet with our team to set up everything using our SyncSmart user interface (UI). 

Meet With Your Implementation Consultant

We will have a kick-off call to introduce the team, confirm use cases, present object mapping and field mappings, discuss dropdown and owner fields, and more. 

Test and Launch Your Integration

We'll ensure your integration is ready through extensive and collaborative User Acceptance Testing (UAT). When ready, we'll launch the integration with an optional historical sync to get up and running with pre-collected data. You can also purchase a sandbox environment at any point in the process for future integration testing. 

Get Support

During the process, you can purchase different support packages to fit your company's budget and needs. Once you're live, we'll offer this ongoing support as scoped. 

NetSuite UI

“This integration not only allowed for critical sales information to easily sync from NetSuite to HubSpot, but also allowed our sales team to seamlessly operate between the two systems. Jamel and his team did a fantastic job understanding our business and how to best implement the integration to fit our needs.”

Aaron Radbill
Director - Marketing, AMI Graphics

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Need an Answer Now?

Browse our frequently asked questions.
What can I expect for a typical integration timeline?

That depends on your involvement, especially during testing. With guided implementation, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. 

Is the integration secure?

Yes. All SyncSmart integrations are point-to-point integrations that transmit data between systems without mirroring to a data warehouse for analysis, which results in secure syncing. SyncSmart also hosts each customer within a separate, secure customer account with their connector authentications, data cache, and integration runtimes.

Do all contacts between systems have to be synced?

No. SyncSmart allows for advanced filtering to control what syncs. For example, the integration can be configured to sync active contacts from one system to another and not touch inactive contacts.

Once the integration is complete, how will I be supported?

The SyncSmart team actively monitors for errors to prevent integrations from stopping. You can also purchase managed support packages to gain access to support articles, ticketing desks, and more. You can explore managed support packages here.

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