The Problem

Since the early 1990s, our client’s two brands have been producing premium custom-decorated, vintage-inspired apparel, headwear, and home décor -- but separately. In 2018, these two brands joined forces to become one.

While combining the brands delighted their customers, the organization’s internal teams lacked a consistent lead nurturing and follow up process after coming together. On top of that, they didn’t have a streamlined or fully documented sales process in place. Fortunately, they still had a loyal target audience -- they just needed better marketing and sales efforts to keep delighting their prospects and customers.

The Solution

To propel their newly-formed brand forward, the client reached out to our team for guidance. We worked together to determine the best course of action, which included implementing HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub. To get the most out of HubSpot’s technology, we concluded that a custom integration of their ordering system and HubSpot Sales Hub provided the technology they needed to solve this business problem.

Our efforts included: 

  • Consulting and making recommendations on lifecycle analysis, deal stages, pipelines, workflows, and more. This resulted in a custom lifecycle stage buildout, custom workflow development, improved sales processes, and pipeline and deal stage creation in HubSpot.
  • Live training on the terminology and functionality of HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub, focusing heavily on the sales process, setup, goals, and reporting. 
  • Integration of their ordering system to HubSpot for improved marketing and sales campaigns. We synced: Their ERP Contacts to HubSpot Contacts and vice versa as well as ERP Customers to HubSpot Companies. 

After implementing HubSpot technology and integrating their ordering system to HubSpot, the company was able to augment and align their marketing and sales processes. Now, they’re able to use their integrated HubSpot CRM portal and marketing automation to create better, more personalized campaigns that result in more SQLs for their sales representatives. HubSpot also allows their teams to track the entire lifecycle of a sale better so they can interact with their prospects at the right time. 

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