The Customer

IBT Apps offers a fully integrated core banking system for community banks nationwide. Their company goal is to create a better customer experience with a total solution to fit every unique bank’s needs.

The Challenge

According to IBT App’s Director of Marketing Megan Copeland, she and her team experienced several time-consuming issues when working with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. When first working with Dynamics, her team spent three months collaborating back and forth with sales to get data into Dynamics. Copeland herself spent up to 16 hours weekly focusing solely on getting information in and out of Dynamics. Many of these obstacles occurred due to outdated and manual processes executed by the sales team, which resulted in incomplete or unusable data.

Managing this data held the marketing team back from performing their roles. Copeland herself spent hours working on Excel sheets to source through banking records that she could export then import to HubSpot, the company’s marketing automation software. Additionally, IBT Apps had no processes to reference that would ensure that data entered into HubSpot would match the data in Microsoft Dynamics. 

“I was spending at least two days a week focusing on data. It was the first thing I thought of every day.” - Megan Copeland, Director of Marketing, IBT Apps


The Solution

The SyncSmart team worked with Copeland and IBT Apps to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM with HubSpot. All Microsoft Dynamics accounts are built differently, and luckily Copeland knew what she wanted to achieve coming into the project. SyncSmart, led by Product Manager Scott Lavery, assisted with documenting which data to sync and how. 

He started initial conversations by showing examples of past integrations and how they could potentially translate to theirs. Doing so, Copeland and the IBT Apps team learned about everything from custom fields to mapping data. Through collaboration, the SyncSmart team built an integration that works specifically for IBT Apps. Data flows into Dynamics from HubSpot and vice versa with appropriate customization for both the sales and marketing teams. 

The Results

The goal of any SyncSmart integration is to help a business run more efficiently. IBT App’s project allows them to do that - and then some. The integration has established true sales and marketing alignment. Every member of both teams can work faster and smarter, creating better campaigns and better connecting with leads and customers. Company-wide, people can visualize the business’s long-term growth because the data is clear, easy to find, and makes sense. The reporting capabilities of the integration also will allow them to optimize their processes and help sales and marketing see the impact of their collective efforts on the business’s bottom line. 

“Now, I’m just watching data sync. I don’t have to do anything twice. Even the simplest things that were a problem before, like misspelled names in our systems, are not happening. It’s just working!” - Megan Copeland, Director of Marketing, IBT Apps