Snowflake + HubSpot

Propel Your Enterprise Forward With Robust Reporting Capabilities

Push your HubSpot data into Snowflake to slice and dice data from hundreds of thousands of records, helping your company generate reports to inform sales, marketing, and more.

What Can You Do With The HubSpot Snowflake App?


Quick Setup.

No-code installation and setup. This integration can be deployed by a marketer! Sync your entire HubSpot database to Snowflake before the end of the day (estimated 6-12 hour historical sync, assuming 1 million records or less).

Visualize Data.

Drive better business decisions by analyzing your enterprise data with Snowflake’s Power BI data visualization capabilities. Make sense of everything from HubSpot’s objects and their associated properties.


Sync HubSpot Records.

If there is a known value, the HubSpot Snowflake app will populate. That means you’ll get access to deep reporting on companies, contacts, lists, deals, engagements, products, tickets, and so much more.

Combine Data.

Once your HubSpot records are in your Snowflake database, you can combine that into different sets and rows with data from your other platforms. Connect the dots between systems and plug and play with your data.

Generate Revenue.

Find new customers and increase revenue by digging into data sets from HubSpot and data services, tools, and applications available on Snowflake.

DIY With Self-Service

Implementing Your Snowflake App Is Simple and Takes Only a Few Steps

1. Install the App.
Click "install the app" on this webpage, where you'll be redirected to our installer. Then, proceed with authentication and configuration.
2. Choose Your Tier.

Choose your package (based on the number of contacts syncing) and fill out the remaining customer and billing information.

3. Connect Snowflake to HubSpot.

Once you’ve selected your package, you’ll choose a Snowflake account to add to your integration. Review the permissions. You’ll then be redirected to HubSpot to select your portal, where you’ll grant access and receive confirmation that you’ve finished!

4. Monitor Performance.

Keep an eye on how your integration performs with SyncSmart's logger, which displays all your integration activity. Get quick answers to your team's questions about their integration health and more.


Snowflake Data Share Pricing

$ 250

per month

$ 750

per month

What Data Flows Into Snowflake From HubSpot?

Store and report on your most critical HubSpot data in Snowflake with a seamless syncing of the following objects.





Contacts Contacts
Companies Companies
Deals Deals
Line Items Line Items
Products Products
Quotes Quotes
Tickets (Service Hub) Tickets (Service Hub)
Custom Objects Custom Objects
Engagements (Calls, Emails, Meetings, Notes, Postal Mail, Tasks) Engagements (Calls, Emails, Meetings, Notes, Postal Mail, Tasks)


Need an Answer Now?

Browse our frequently asked questions.

Will the app sync historical data?

Yes, this integration will sync all your existing HubSpot data at the time of installation.

How long does the app take to set up?

This integration can be configured and installed within minutes. No coding is required.

Can companies integrate more than one system?

Yes, integrate your HubSpot sandbox or other HubSpot production portals to unlock your data across all of your HubSpot instances.

Does the integration sync custom properties and objects?

The integration will sync all standard and custom objects and properties.

Does this integration require a developer or IT professional to set up?

No, the setup can be configured for anyone familiar with your Snowflake environment. IT may need to assist with setting up the appropriate user.

What happens if the integration stops?

The SyncSmart team actively monitors for errors to prevent this. If the sync does stop, it will pick up where it left off.

Can I view my integration's performance?

While logged in to, click the link labeled "Logs." You can view your integration's activity, health, and performance there.

How will this integration impact my snowflake costs?

1 million Contact records, HubSpot's most robust standard object with 300+ standard properties, will occupy ~300 MB of space in Snowflake.

How long should I expect the initial integration sync to take?

6-12 hours, assuming you have 1 million or fewer records to process.

Sync HubSpot Data to Snowflake Daily

Install the HubSpot+Snowflake integration now to harness the power of Snowflake's reporting flexibility with your HubSpot data.