Breaking the Piggy Bank
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Breaking the Piggy Bank

May 19, 2022

Like most kids, I had a piggy bank. I diligently put money in and only took out the amount I needed -- usually, so I could buy a pack of sour worms.

Eventually, I entered the working world, marketing specifically. Our company replaced that piggy bank with something else poised to help save money and reach our goals. 

It was NetSuite, a platform designed as our CRM and used in tandem with HubSpot for sales and marketing efforts. 

The dollars put in were contacts, orders, and products. The change I took out wasn’t used for sweets but rather campaigns, tasks, and dashboards.

It sounded great but issues arose.  

Data wasn’t entered the same way, leading to redundancies and errors. Even worse were the hours spent extracting information to use in HubSpot. 

But I found a better way. 

A HubSpot and NetSuite integration, or a seamless connection of our two systems. A sure-fire way to establish processes to ensure all teams entered the correct data into NetSuite and used it accordingly in HubSpot -- and vice versa. 

No longer did I have to cobble files together and try my best to get the most valuable and contextualized customer information to build personalized workflows. That dejected feeling I got every time I noticed an error and had to start over was finally gone. 

Those days of instant gratification I got from taking change from my piggy bank were back. 

And they were even better than before.

That’s because a HubSpot NetSuite integration is far more advanced than I’ve made it seem so far. Your data can sync both ways, creating a unified ecosystem that everyone can work out without worrying about anything going wrong. It’s a sweet deal that benefits HubSpot and NetSuite users – i.e., your marketing and sales.

Honestly, anyone on your team can savor a HubSpot to NetSuite integration because you can configure it exactly to your needs.

Whether it’s a CRM, ERP, or proper financial system, you don’t have to break your piggy bank.

You have to upgrade it.  

Author note: NetSuite was the CRM choice of my last business. This reflects a true past experience. Fortunately, a HubSpot NetSuite integration resolved challenges for both the sales and marketing teams. It helped us save time, energy, and money. You can read a little more about how the integration works by visiting the HubSpot NetSuite integration product page here. 

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