HubDB HQ: An Easier Way to Create and Edit HubDB Tables
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HubDB HQ: An Easier Way to Create and Edit HubDB Tables

October 6, 2020

Have you been using HubDB to create tables for your site? If you’re scratching your head - HubDB is a relational data store represented as rows, columns, and cells - much like a spreadsheet. While it’s an excellent application for your website, what if we told you there was a way to enjoy the same functionality but with a slicker interface?

Introducing HubDB HQ

HubDB HQ was built by Lynton developers who use HubSpot and its tools like HubDB every day but wanted a way to streamline the user experience. The main goal of HubDB HQ is to provide users a way to edit HubDB tables more quickly, saving time and effort, which can then be put toward more significant picture projects.

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Key Features of HubDB HQ

Like the HubDB Editor, you can create, edit, publish, and export table data to build stunning tables. However, unlike HubDB Editor, HubDB HQ comes with additional features to improve your experience when making tables. As mentioned, the main feature of HubDB HQ is a pared-down, easier-to-edit, faster version. After registering for HubDB HQ  -- free for all HubSpot users – you can connect to your portals and enjoy:

  • Real-time updates between HubDB HQ and your HubSpot account, meaning what happens in your HQ account automatically occurs in the regular HubDB Editor.
  • Sorting capabilities so you can sort rows by text, date, or number field instantly rather than digging around for the row you need.
  • Faster row editing that lets you edit every column in a row at once.
  • A drag-and-drop editing experience for columns, making it simple to rearrange the order, add, or remove columns.
  • Multi-portal editing capabilities, which allow you to toggle between portals to update tables across multiple accounts quickly.
  • Paginated, or shortened rows, to eliminate the constant scrolling to find the row or column you need to adjust.

The best feature? As long as you know how to structure a table, anyone can use HubDB HQ without needing a developer’s help and work smarter, not harder.

Check Out HubDB HQ Today

If you’re ready to use HubDB HQ, visit the marketplace today and connect the app. For any help setting it up or using the tool, reach out to a Lynton representative here.


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