4 HubSpot CRM Integration Success Stories

4 HubSpot CRM Integration Success Stories

May 18, 2020

If you need to know anything about Lynton, it's that our team loves helping companies succeed. One way we do this is by integrating a client's chosen CRM or ERP systems with HubSpot to maximize their marketing and sales efforts. An integration allows you to work double-time without actually working an additional minute. That may sound too good to be true, but it's not a dream. 

By linking invaluable customer and lead data from your CRM or ERP with the critical marketing activity information and capabilities of your HS account, your business can achieve real results from your campaigns. But all talk and no show isn't very useful. Keep reading to see the benefits of a HubSpot integration and four examples of successful integrations we've done. 

How A HubSpot Integration Will Benefit Your Company

When your two platforms operate separately, numerous things can happen that can adversely affect your sales and marketing departments, such as:

  • Overwritten or lost data
  • Lower quality marketing campaigns 
  • Poor insight into where contacts are in the buyers' journey 
  • Confusion between teams 
  • Unnecessary time spent on manual tasks 

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Integrating your two systems can eliminate these issues and improve the efficiency of a number of business processes. Some common examples include:

  • Elimination of redundant data (what's entered in one system populates automatically in another)
  • Personalized user experience for each contact for sales and marketing campaigns
  • Improved marketing overall through access to better, more current information
  • Automated HubSpot tasks for sales representatives
  • Higher quality leads for sales teams due to automated lead scoring and prioritization
  • Stronger retargeting campaigns for inactive contacts
  • Visibility on marketing efforts (email campaigns, blogs, landing pages, etc.) across all departments  

The benefits of your integration may vary depending on the specifics of your project. No matter what system you use, you'll experience an enhanced marketing and sales experience through a HubSpot CRM integration. Here are our four examples that all involve a different CRM or ERP platform combining with HubSpot.

Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot

An integration project that left a lasting impact on a B2B client involved integrating Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot. The company creates software to align IT and business goals and help 15,000 organizations across the globe build a competitive edge. However, they felt their marketing campaigns, as well as the relationship between their sales and marketing reams, could be stronger. They reached out to integrate their two systems, focusing on these field mappings:

  • CRM Contacts to HubSpot Contacts
  • CRM Leads to HubSpot Contacts
  • CRM Accounts to HubSpot Companies
  • CRM Opportunities to HubSpot Deals 
  • CRM Contacts to HubSpot Contacts

We also synced all of their static and dynamic marketing lists so they could use the critical data from their Dynamics system in their HubSpot campaigns. Right off the bat, they were able to create more personalized campaigns, with a system in place to make building future ones easier. They also discovered that inputting data into HubSpot and letting it sync over to Dynamics rather than directly importing saved them time and increased productivity.

Classy and HubSpot

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, or JDC, is a leading Jewish humanitarian organization that works in 70 countries to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, and create lasting connections to Jewish life. They came to us hoping to integrate their fundraising software and CRM Classy with their HubSpot platform, which they were also onboarding for the first time.

Their ultimate goal was to improve their fundraising campaigns and raise more money for the nonprofit while simultaneously building stronger relationships with donors. We helped do this by creating a Classy connector that enabled the integration to query Classy data and send it to HubSpot via HubSpot's API. After, we built out these specific field mappings: 

  • Classy Supporters to HubSpot Contacts
  • Classy Transactions to HubSpot Deals
  • Classy Recurring Donation Plans to HubSpot Deals
  • HubSpot Contacts to Classy Supporters
  • HubSpot Deals to Classy Transactions
  • HubSpot Deals to Classy Recurring Donation Plans

With their integration in place, JDC can now create better fundraising campaigns by asking for the ideal amount at the right time from the correct donor. In turn, this helps them raise more money for their cause while saving time for them to focus on even bigger picture projects.

E21 and HubSpot

At Lynton, if it has an API, we can integrate it. So, when Squadron approached us wanting to combine their ERP platform, Enterprise 21 (E21) with HubSpot, we gladly took the challenge. Squadron is a manufacturer of cars, airplanes, ships, and military models. With some very unique models available - anything from World War II aircraft to modern F-35 jets to replicas of famous muscle cars, Squadron has created a loyal fan base that they wanted to market to more effectively. To do this, we created these field mappings:

  • E21 Customers to HubSpot Contacts
  • E21 Orders to HubSpot Deals
  • E21 Order Line Items to HubSpot Deals

The E21 integration with HubSpot allows for better email segmentation and more focused content, which results in customers getting the information most valuable to them. Squadron, in general, has learned more about their customers and can log the information for future usage.

NetSuite and HubSpot

Herrmann International builds applications for leadership and management professionals to assess and improve their teams at scale. Yet, the organization faced trouble when their NetSuite system started to corrupt data, making it difficult to retrieve information on their leads and customers. It also made it challenging to use this data within their HubSpot systems. To mitigate their issues, they turned to us to integrate their NetSuite and HubSpot accounts. For them, we mapped:

  • HubSpot Contacts to NetSuite Contacts
  • HubSpot Company to NetSuite Company
  • HubSpot Deals to NetSuite Opportunities

This fast, bi-directional transfer between HubSpot and NetSuite allows for accurate data and easy customer segmentation, so their sales and marketing campaigns have higher OPR, CTRs, and conversion rates.

Ready to Integrate?

If you found yourself contemplating integrating your data,  what field mappings you want sync, or if you're not sure what those are and want to know more, we can help. These examples are just a select few of the hundreds of successful integrations we've launched. From standard to complex or completely customized, we can handle it! Reach out today.

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