Unlock Your Data with a Gourmet HubSpot to Snowflake Integration
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Unlock Your Data with a Gourmet HubSpot to Snowflake Integration

January 10, 2024

Calling all HubSpot and Snowflake users! 

HubSpot and Snowflake go together like a burger and fries, like grilled cheese and tomato soup, like lamb and tuna fish! Great on their own, but deliciously robust when you put them together. Okay, we’re still not sure about the lamb and tuna fish combo, BUT we are 100% sure that syncing all of your Hubspot data with Snowflake will unlock hidden potential for your business. 

The secret sauce is integration 

With your HubSpot and other business data all in one place, you can slice and dice valuable data any way you want, compare and enrich that data with other sources, build robust reports to analyze, and use all that new information to make data-driven sales, marketing, and financial decisions that will grow your business. You’re bound to start generating more revenue — all you need is that special sauce we like to call integration.

We know, “integration” can drum up fear equal to that of clowns, giant spiders, forgetting to put a link in your email, or missing your quarterly revenue goal. You hear integration and you think complicated, time consuming, and expensive. We promise, this app isn’t any of those things. 



Get the works with SyncSmart 

May we introduce you to the HubSpot + Snowflake Integration by SyncSmart

SyncSmart’s solution has a simple setup that requires NO coding, just your Snowflake account details, a few clicks, and about 20 minutes of your time. Once the app is installed, your historical data will sync within 6-12 hours, and then continue to sync daily. Get easy, seamless data synchronization for as low $250 per month, and only pay for the records you want to sync. We’ll sync all your HubSpot data to Snowflake and give you the works on top of it. 

SyncSmart is the whole enchilada: daily record syncs, data security, integration maintenance, log streaming, performance monitoring, and more. You can even sync multiple HubSpot accounts to your Snowflake warehouse. Everything is easy as pie to set up, so anyone on your team can integrate without needing to call in IT. All of it is available at an affordable monthly price. And remember all that extra revenue you’ll be generating once you can analyze all your data in one place? SyncSmart’s affordable monthly subscription will practically pay for itself. 

Data syncing made simple 

Don’t let data silos and integration roadblocks keep you from your data analysis dreams. It’s time to put your HubSpot and Snowflake accounts together. Just like a grilled cheese and tomato soup, pairing up these two great software products is surprisingly simple. All you need is the right integration app. You wouldn’t pay fancy steakhouse prices when you’re craving a greasy burger and fries, so why buy enterprise software when a simple integration is all you really need to unlock enterprise-grade reporting. HubSpot integrations made easy — that’s SyncSmart.  



HubSpot integrations on a silver platter 

A product of parent company LyntonWeb, SyncSmart was built by a team of marketers that wanted an easier way to integrate HubSpot with all the other software that powers their business. Our apps are made for HubSpot users by HubSpot experts, so you’re not going to get an all-in-one integration product buffet that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overindulged. No more learning new software, figuring out architecture, testing workflows, or begging IT to write code for you. Think of SyncSmart as your personal chef — we do the setup work for you, handle integration maintenance, ensure data security, provide log streaming and performance monitoring — and serve it all up on a silver platter. So what are you waiting for? 

Install the HubSpot + Snowflake Integration and start syncing today!  

Innovation sizzling in the kitchen

Heads up! This integration is fresh out of the oven and not yet verified in the HubSpot Marketplace. You can become one of the first customers to sync using this app, and your input will shape the future of the HubSpot + Snowflake integration. Customer feedback is always welcome and encouraged, so please let us know how we can improve the integration to better serve you. 

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