HubSpot + ClassyCentralize Your Vital Donor and Fundraising Information

Supercharge your fundraising by securely syncing your Classy supporter and donation data into HubSpot.

Closed-loop reporting and deeper analysis of fundraising and other campaigns with HubSpot’s data reporting add on

Better targeting of all your donors, resulting in stronger fundraising outcomes

No duplicate data entry or manual tasks, keeping data free of errors and saving time

Segmentation and personalization capabilities of campaigns for all types of donors — new, existing, and future

Completely up-to-date and accurate data with objects syncing every 15 minutes

The Power of Integration

An integration by SyncSmart can level up your tech stack. Take disparate data sources and combine them with our syncing technology — allowing you to make data-informed decisions and giving you a better line of sight into your marketing and sales process.

SyncSmart has been building HubSpot integrations since 2009, we have launched successful integrations large and small. Built on our proprietary HubSpot advanced connector technology, SyncSmart makes aligning your tech stack easy.

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What Features Are Available With a HubSpot Classy Integration?


See all your donor information in one place

Your Classy supporters, transactions, recurring donation plans, donations, and event registration will sync to corresponding fields in HubSpot. That means you can see and access all your critical information about your current, new, or future donors in one place.

Launch fundraising campaigns from HubSpot

Classy has the information about your donors and their donations, while HubSpot gives you the power to market to them personally. With this integration, you can start and track fundraising lead nurture campaigns from HubSpot — with all the financial information you need.

Get a better view of your efforts

With HubSpot’s reporting dashboards combined with the information from your Classy system, you’ll be able to thoroughly analyze all your campaigns from start to finish and make improvements along the way to help with any future decisions.

Stay on top of your donations

Your Classy transactions, event registration, and recurring donation plans will sync to HubSpot deals. Your HubSpot contacts will update to existing Classy donations, so you can see when a donation is coming in, from whom, and how much it will be.

Set the correct designation

Not every nonprofit operates in the same way, which is why your integration can be customized to your organization's needs. Your donation and transaction information can be set to the right designation, whether it’s money for food, books, or something else.

Choose your historical sync

Need access to all your current, historical data? Choose a historical sync date for your integration and we’ll sync your Classy data that was created or modified after this date to HubSpot. Then you can dive right into building personalized campaigns.

Get organized with HubSpot’s deal pipeline software

Your integration will create a new deal pipeline specifically for your Classy donations inside your HubSpot portal immediately (for all supporters that have an email address). With your new deal pipeline, you can easily assign tasks to your team, add new deals, and track your most lucrative donors all in one place.

Find a HubSpot + Classy integration that fits your needs.

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HubSpot Logo HubSpot Connector Type Classy Logo Classy
Contacts HubSpot to Classy Supporters
Deals HubSpot to Classy Transactions
Deals HubSpot to Classy Recurring Donation Plans
Contact Timeline Events HubSpot to Classy Donations
Deals HubSpot to Classy Event Registration

Implementing Your Classy Integration

Ready to integrate your Classy and HubSpot systems? Need help implementing the integration? No sweat. When your company is ready, we’re here. Our implementation consultants will work with you to ensure everything is set up the way your company needs. Here’s what you can expect in a typical integration timeline:

  • We have a kick-off call to start your project
  • We meet to discover your needs, strategize your integration, and plan out your sync
  • We build and test object mapping and syncs
  • We launch your integration with an optional historical sync to get you up and running
  • We offer ongoing support as needed — or you can take charge! 

Want to do it on your own? With the upcoming SyncSmart application, you can — from start to finish. If you do end up needing any guidance or help, our managed support team can step in.

The Support You Need, When You Need It

At SyncSmart, we believe in the power of easy-to-implement, packaged integrations. We also know that sometimes you need a little more. Connect with us and we'll work together to tailor your project to meet your specific needs.