How to Build a HubSpot + Wix Marketing Powerhouse

How to Build a HubSpot + Wix Marketing Powerhouse

July 27, 2022

Are you a Wix user looking to use the power of HubSpot's marketing automation capabilities while keeping your website on the Wix platform? 

SyncSmart's HubSpot Wix app can help. The integration app lets you connect the two systems to use the best qualities, amplifying your efforts and creating a marketing powerhouse.

Below we explore specific ways your marketing team can take advantage.

How The Wix Integration Works and the Data It Syncs

Not sure how the integration works or worried implementing it is time-consuming? Thankfully, the HubSpot Wix app is as simple as possible. It works by: 

  • Syncing Wix form submissions to the HubSpot timeline. Every time a contact submits a Wix form on your site, the app will save all the details (first name, last name, email address, phone number, and address) to the corresponding HubSpot contact. The integration will also create new contacts for you if needed. 
  • Syncing Wix contacts to HubSpot. Every time a Wix contact is created or updated, the integration will sync it and its information back to HubSpot, matching by email address. The integration will also make a new contact for you in this situation. 
  • Automatically installing the HubSpot tracking code. When you download the app, it automatically installs your HubSpot tracking code on every page of your Wix site. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the forthcoming ability to monitor your Wix website traffic and analytics in HubSpot. 

For any additional information on the app's capabilities, visit our product page

How Your Marketing Team Can Use the HubSpot Wix App

After you've installed the app, the integration will start collecting important form submission data that your marketing team can use to build strong campaigns. Specifically, they will be able to: 

Create targeted or contextual content.

Using the fields that sync over in the app, your team can paint a picture of who your customers are and how they came onto your site. Why does this matter? You can curate content instead of writing generic collateral when you have a better idea of who's visiting your site and why. 

For example, if you notice an uptick in contacts coming from a specific region, you can tailor a blog, PDF, or whatever you're working on to reflect that. You can include pieces like this in email campaigns or social media. 

Segment your email lists.

When someone submits a Wix form on your site, the app will shoot all those details from the submission to HubSpot. You can then use that data to automatically create segmented lists based on fields from your form submission or other data linked to that contact in HubSpot. After, you can start marketing to the leads in these lists more effectively by sending them the most relevant content at the right time. 

Trigger lead nurtures.

Like segmenting lists, you can use your Wix form submission data to enroll contacts into and trigger an appropriate HubSpot workflow. For instance, if a user fills out a form on your Wix site to download an infographic, you can start a workflow that begins with a simple "thank you" and continues with subsequent emails and relevant content that nurture them until they're ready to speak with an expert. 

If someone fills out a blog subscription form on your Wix site, you can use the enrollment trigger to start immediately sending them new articles. If they look at your pricing page several times, you can use that as enrollment criteria for a sales communication workflow. Or, you can also use your Wix form submission data to trigger other emails, like follow-ups on demos or contact requests. 

With your Wix data in HubSpot, you can get creative with your lead nurtures. The best part? All this can be automated with HubSpot, meaning you can spend less time manually entering people into workflows and more time brainstorming. 

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Make updates to your website.

The app installs the HubSpot tracking code on every page of your Wix site, which means you can dig into your website analytics using HubSpot's reporting capabilities. With these features, you can build dashboards to see how well your site performs and make adjustments over time. For example, you may notice that a particular form isn't receiving enough submissions and decide to shorten the questions. You could note that your homepage has a high bounce rate and choose to change the copy or header image. Other ideas to boost your site using the data and analytics you'll reap from the app:

  • Improve organic traffic by incorporating stronger keywords and SEO elements into content 
  • Test different CTAs, from varying copy to colors, shapes, placement, and more
  • Edit forms for length, clarity, and more to get more submissions
  • Eliminate poor-performing blogs, infographics, and other content material and replace them with better-suited pieces for your audience
  • Use the segmentation, like name or address, to create pieces of dynamic content throughout your site pages
  • Shorten pages or move more critical content above the fold based on how far users scroll 
  • Update your chatbot's opening message if users are not interacting with it
  • Create more nurturing content, like case studies and testimonials, if users start to drop off your site at a certain point
  • Remove larger images or other elements that may be slowing down your site or distracting your contacts 
  • Whatever you can think of that could optimize your site's performance!

The Sky's the Limit With HubSpot and Wix

The HubSpot Wix app makes it simple to gather data on your contacts and then use that information to engage with them meaningfully. From better lead nurturing to catchier CTAs and everything in between, you'll be able to flex your marketing muscles and become the powerhouse you were meant to be! You can get started today by downloading the app on the HubSpot App Marketplace

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