The ConnectWise HubSpot Self-Serve Integration is Here
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The ConnectWise HubSpot Self-Serve Integration is Here

December 12, 2023

SyncSmart’s completely self-serve ConnectWise HubSpot integration and sync logger is here! You can now set up your integration totally on your own using our user interface (UI) and self-service checkout experience — no sales reps, no calls, no demos. Introverts rejoice! 

After you set up your integration, you also get access to the SyncSmart logger, where you can monitor the health of your sync at any time.

What Does the ConnectWise HubSpot Integration Do?

Integrating ConnectWise with HubSpot will help you automate marketing, improve your sales processes, provide robust reporting, and more. With a SyncSmart ConnectWise integration, you get a selection of five objects that bidirectionally sync: 

  • ConnectWise Contacts <-> HubSpot Contacts
  • ConnectWise Companies <-> HubSpot Companies
  • ConnectWise Opportunities <-> HubSpot Deals
  • ConnectWise Activities <-> HubSpot Engagements
  • ConnectWise Products/Forecast <-> HubSpot Products/Line Items

What happens in one platform will happen in the other, continuously. 

What is a Self-Serve Integration?

A self-serve integration is a DIY way of setting up your integration. Configure your needs using our UI, check out using our self-service billing functionality, and get your ConnectWise integration running in minutes. It’s that easy.

Start by choosing which objects you want to integrate with HubSpot. As you add objects, you’ll see the pricing change. Toggle between monthly and yearly rates to get a better idea of what you’ll spend. Next, you’ll choose your support package. Choose between basic or premium, depending on the level of assistance you’ll require.

Lastly, it’s time to check out. Once you’ve finished, you can get started directly from the self-service billing page, but you’ll also receive an email from Stripe with integration setup instructions. 

Learn more about the ConnectWise HubSpot integration from SyncSmart here. For additional information on what objects are available for syncing — including new ones — visit the ConnectWise product page

What is the SyncSmart Logger?

With our ConnectWise HubSpot integration, you get access to the SyncSmart logger — a way to monitor the health of your integration. The logger dashboard is available through your integration, and it displays the status of your sync. 

You can view the following statuses and their pertinent numerical values:

  • Created
  • Installed
  • Skipped
  • Updated
  • Error
  • Synced
  • Warning
  • Fatal
  • Associated

You can also filter and view specific details about each log status. 

Get Started With a Self-Serve Integration

Just because you can set everything up on your own, it doesn’t mean we’re not here to support you. If you need help at any point, reach out to our team for assistance. Our Premium plan includes guided implementation, but you can also send us an email for random questions.

Until then, get started by setting up your self-serve ConnectWise integration with HubSpot today. And if you’d rather see a demo before purchasing, let us know.

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