Improve Sales Processes With a ConnectWise HubSpot Integration

Improve Sales Processes With a ConnectWise HubSpot Integration

November 28, 2022

Are you struggling to act on your ConnectWise sales data?

One of the significant advantages of syncing ConnectWise with HubSpot is improving your sales processes. If you’re a user of both systems, keep reading to see how you can maximize your ConnectWise product catalog data and more in HubSpot.

How Does Data Flow Between ConnectWise and HubSpot

In the SyncSmart ConnectWise and HubSpot integration, data flows bidirectionally between an object in ConnectWise and its related object in HubSpot. For example, in ConnectWise, you have the product catalog object. This data syncs to the HubSpot product library object. Bidirectional syncing means that what happens in one system will occur in the other.

So, if you update your product catalog object or any of its fields/properties in ConnectWise, the integration will reflect that change in HubSpot in real time and vice versa.

Below is a complete look at all the objects that sync between the two systems. You can use it all for sales, marketing, and other operational processes.

  • ConnectWise Contacts <-> HubSpot Contacts
  • ConnectWise Companies <-> HubSpot Companies
  • ConnectWise Opportunities <-> HubSpot Deals
  • ConnectWise Contact Activity <-> HubSpot Engagements
  • ConnectWise Product Catalog -> HubSpot Product Library
  • ConnectWise Forecast <-> HubSpot Line Items

The SyncSmart ConnectWise HubSpot integration supports different standard and custom fields based on individual objects.

The deal object supports:

  • All standard and custom fields except shipping information.

The product catalog object supports:

  • Product ID (SKU), name, description, customer description, revenue or price, cost, billing cycle, unit of measure, category, subcategory, price class, price attribute, and custom fields.

The forecast object supports:

  • Quantity, product, revenue or price, cost, recurring billing frequency, term or billing cycles, billing start date, and cycle basis.

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How Sales Reps Can Use the ConnectWise HubSpot Integration to Improve Processes

Having your ConnectWise sales data readily available in your HubSpot account allows you to leverage some of HubSpot’s sales tools. For example, you can build a robust product library of the goods or services you sell and then associate them with individual deals or quotes in HubSpot. When you associate a product with a deal or quote, you’re adding a line item, which is a single instance of that product. The integration syncs ConnectWise data to line items to aid in the process of monitoring your products and related deals

By associating a product to a deal and quote, you can tap into HubSpot’s quoting software to quickly capture contacts interested in buying a product or service. Your team can create quote templates to simplify and speed up the process. Your quote details can include:

  • Name
  • Expiration date
  • Comments
  • Purchase terms

Contacts and companies — data that is also synced to HubSpot — associated with the deal will appear by default in your quote. You can remove them and update the contact or company or add additional contacts. Your sales rep’s information will also appear on the quote, which is important for numerous reasons, but a benefit of the integration is that you can use this information for reporting on sales activities later. 

You will also be able to add any line items to the quote that are necessary for the purchase. You can add:

  • Discounts
  • Taxes
  • Fees
  • Payment schedules

Most importantly, HubSpot’s quoting software makes it easy to obtain a signature and payment options. Payment options include Stripe or the new HubSpot Payments tool. When your quote is ready, the software will create a webpage that you can send as a link to your contact. You can also write an email with the quote embedded. Both will be tracked.

To manage your quotes and track the progress of your deals, head to the quotes dashboard. Filter by status or owner or look for a specific quote. If you are going to send a similar quote to a new prospect, you can download, clone, or edit the quote in this dashboard.

With the product library and quoting software in HubSpot, you’ll have no trouble tracking what you’re selling to your customers. You can even use these details to build custom reports to track what products or services you’ve sold the most in a given time period.

What Else Can the ConnectWise HubSpot Integration Do?

Syncing your ConnectWise data to HubSpot unlocks access to other beneficial sales tools, such as:

HubSpot Snippets

Snippets are short, reusable text blocks that you can use on contact, company, and deal records or in email templates. Snippets make communicating with prospects easier, and every part of your conversation is tracked so you can refer to them as needed.

HubSpot deal automation

With HubSpot’s deal tool, you can set up automation to create tasks when a deal moves from stage to stage. For instance, you can trigger a reminder task to a sales rep when a deal is close to being won. You can also send your deal information back to ConnectWise and use the tools available if your team prefers (the beauty of a bidirectional sync!).

HubSpot Reporting

HubSpot’s reporting options are vast. You can report on revenue, email conversations, attribution, opportunities, activity, and more with your synced data. You can build dashboards to quickly overview your sales efforts or drill down deep with custom reporting options.

All in all, if a sales tool in HubSpot uses any of your ConnectWise data, your teams can utilize it to maximize their efficiency.

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