You Have Integrated Your CRM with HubSpot! Do These Things Next

You Have Integrated Your CRM with HubSpot! Do These Things Next

December 14, 2016

Your CRM has now been integrated with HubSpot and your contacts have been successfully synced. Time for a little happy dance! Don't let your happy dance go on too long, though. HubSpot integration is just the first step to optimizing your HubSpot portal. Here are some activities you should consider next.   

Assign Each Contact a Lead Score 

Which synced contact is a tire kicker comparing your services to your competitor's and which contact has money to spend that's burning a hole in their pocket? You won't know unless you assign lead scores to your contacts. Lead scores help prioritize valuable leads from those not ready to purchase. Here are some next steps for assigning lead scores: 

  • Identify leading scoring ranking factors (i.e. number of visits to site, downloads, type of page visited, etc.)
  • Prioritize lead scoring ranking factors 
  • Sync HubSpot Lead Scores with your CRM

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If you don't assign lead scores to your contacts you'll never be able to prioritize the true value of your contacts. 

Create Lead Nurturing (Drip) Campaigns 

What happens when one of your synced contacts downloads content or visits a page on your website? Nothing? Wrong answer. Although a contact may not be ready to purchase, you can still take advantage of HubSpot's marketing automation tools to send them emails specific to actions taken on your website. Here are some items you'll need to do to develop lead nurturing campaigns: 

  • Build email templates specific to your lead nurturing efforts
  • Create lead nurturing workflows triggered by specific contact actions
  • Craft content for each lead nurturing email 

Don't neglect your leads by not placing them in a lead nurturing campaign. An orphaned lead will be quickly adopted by your competitors. 

Redesign Your Website

Looking to grow your number of contacts? Your website may be keeping you from doing that. If your website hasn't been updated in the last two years it could be lacking in the latest SEO and mobile enhancements thus hurting your search ranking and in turn affecting your ability to attract visitors that convert into new contacts. A Lynton HubSpot redesign includes: 

  • Basic SEO/keyword research and strategy recommendations
  • Custom designed templates to enhance your brand and help efficiently move your visitors through their buyer's journey 
  • Responsive development on the HubSpot COS
  • Blog, landing page and email templates 
  • Rapid delivery - in many cases sites are built and launched in 60 days with our Growth Drive Design approach

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Visitors won't become contacts if your website is older and unappealing. 

So, what are you waiting for? You're integrated with HubSpot but there is still more work to be done. View some of our featured projects and sign up here to speak with us directly if you'd like.  

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