How to Integrate ConnectWise + HubSpot

How to Integrate ConnectWise + HubSpot

October 26, 2022

Imagine this: The head of sales comes to you asking why a few deals in your ConnectWise platform slipped through the cracks. You stumble with your answer because you don’t have a thorough report at hand.

Knowing that HubSpot offers robust reports on sales rep activities — and so much more — you wonder if you could ask someone in your company who has HubSpot access to spin one up.

One problem, though.

Your ConnectWise data isn’t pushing to HubSpot, and getting it in would be a tedious storm of exporting and importing files. What can you do? 

Let’s look at how syncing your ConnectWise and HubSpot can make all the difference.

What is a ConnectWise HubSpot Integration?

A ConnectWise HubSpot integration combines the power of your ConnectWise account with HubSpot, seamlessly sharing data, so you use contextual sales information in your marketing campaigns and vice versa.

How does that work?

If you want to integrate your two systems, you currently have two avenues. You can reach out to the SyncSmart who can build out the integration with guided implementation, or go it alone with the SyncSmart user interface (UI) — setting up your integration in just a few hours after receiving access to the application.

You can choose various objects and fields to map bidirectionally. That means that what happens in one system automatically happens in the other. For a complete list of ConnectWise objects, click here. 

When working with SyncSmart or the UI,  you can choose to populate all your historical data on these field mappings. Then once the integration is live, the flow of data between the two will be seamless.

What Does a ConnectWise HubSpot Integration Do?

The primary function of this kind of integration is to keep your databases aligned, so your sales and marketing teams can always have access to up-to-date, vital information. It does this by syncing data back and forth, backed by an integration platform that fires seamlessly in the background.

The integration also:

  • Lets your sales team manage sales processes and partner relationships in HubSpot using ConnectWise data 
  • Pushes important data into HubSpot so marketing teams can utilize the automation platform’s tools like email communication, list segmentation, paid advertising, workflows, lead scoring, smart content, and more 
  • Provides the information needed to appropriately cross-sell and cross-promote products and services 
  • Eliminates the need for keeping manual spreadsheets or other tedious processes
  • Automates and tracks sales and marketing communication, saving you time
  • Allows you to use ConnectWise and HubSpot data with HubSpot’s robust reporting, giving you the opportunity to report on things like products or services, opportunities, sales rep efficiency, and revenue

How Do You Get Started with a ConnectWise HubSpot Integration?

You can probably guess what we’re going to say: Reach out to the SyncSmart team! Or you can head over to the HubSpot marketplace and download the ConnectWise + HubSpot integration app yourself. Whether you choose to go the route of guided implementation or the UI, you'll get up and running in no time with your preferred object mapping and sync.

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