Introducing the Wix + HubSpot App: The Latest SyncSmart Innovation

Introducing the Wix + HubSpot App: The Latest SyncSmart Innovation

September 18, 2020

Does your business currently use Wix for your website building and editing needs? Are you looking to ramp up your inbound marketing strategy by utilizing HubSpot or certain HubSpot tools? If so, you may have looked through the Wix App Market to find a solution that would allow you to enjoy HubSpot features on your Wix site. And you may have not found what you were looking for. 

Not anymore!

Introducing The HubSpot Wix Integration

Thanks to a partnership with Wix, the team at SyncSmart has recently launched a HubSpot  Wix integration app, featured on both the Wix and HubSpot app marketplaces that: 

  • Automatically installs the HubSpot tracking code 
  • Allows users to easily embed and use HubSpot forms on all of their Wix sites
  • Syncs information from HubSpot form submissions across Wix sites seamlessly into their HubSpot portal in real-time


As noted, Wix users can install the app within either marketplace and use it across all Wix websites. Users can utilize different fields on their forms as needed, with all of that information syncing to HubSpot. The information will populate the HubSpot contact’s timeline event exactly as it does on the Wix form, in the same order, to help maintain data consistency.

Check Out the App Today

The HubSpot Wix app is available now, and takes just a few short steps to install! Visit our HubSpot app marketplace listing, and keep your eyes out for more versions down the road that will further extend your Wix HubSpot experience. 

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