Introhive + HubSpot: A Winning Combo for Sales Growth

Introhive + HubSpot: A Winning Combo for Sales Growth

July 6, 2022

Looking to step up lead generation, nurture your customer relationships, and accelerate revenue? SyncSmart’s newest integration, Introhive + HubSpot, connects data between the two systems to boost your sales capabilities. See just how the integration does this by reading more.

What is Introhive?

Founded in 2012, Introhive is a fast-growing B2B customer intelligence platform. Its solutions help businesses capture and deliver critical customer intelligence data to sales and revenue teams. Using that data, teams can find selling opportunities, win more business, and grow their customer accounts.

What is the Introhive + HubSpot Integration?

SyncSmart’s Introhive + HubSpot integration connects the two systems to share important object and field mapping data back and forth in real time. 

It syncs: 

  • HubSpot Contacts <- Introhive Contacts
  • HubSpot Company <- Introhive Company

For the most up-to-date object mapping, visit the Introhive product page. 

That means contacts and all their related information, such as name, address, or when they became an MQL or SQL, flows seamlessly between the two. Similarly, all valuable company data, whether it’s “last contacted” or a simple “about us,” will be available in both systems. 

How Does The Integration Boost Sales?

If you’re using HubSpot and Introhive separately, you may miss out on synced data benefits. Specifically, the ability to tap into accurate, transparent data. That can help your company: 

Find Leads and Land Opportunities

The integration syncs HubSpot lead intelligence directly into native Introhive fields, helping sales representatives unlock opportunities to find more SQLs and MQLs. How? Critical information on what your leads are up to from HubSpot flows into Introhive and can be used to give sales reps a better look at the contact they’re trying to engage with, supercharging their efforts. 

Additionally, when syncing lead data back to HubSpot, your team can learn which leads convert to customers and why. You can use the reporting capabilities in HubSpot to see what efforts work the best in landing and converting leads and replicate your successful processes.

Grow and Nurture Customer Relationships

Introhive helps reps deliver relationships, insights, and intelligence to improve customer loyalty and retention. The integration can empower them further. For example, you can sync Introhive customer data to HubSpot and vice versa, passing information like status and assigned revenue manager to create more personalized campaigns and workflows — making customers feel more valued through contextualized communication. 

By syncing field data on contact and company objects between both systems, you can get the most up-to-date data on what your customers are doing on your website, your CRM, and your marketing collateral.

Win Business and Accelerate Growth

Introhive helps map relationships with prospects and customers to increase deal sizes and improve win rates. With contact and company data and their associated fields syncing between Introhive and HubSpot, your revenue team can have the most accurate data to rely on to surpass their targets. And they’ll never have to worry about whether their contact or company information is updated because the bidirectional sync is continuously firing in the background. 

Further, companies can tap into closed-loop and revenue reporting with the integration to evaluate campaigns, optimize efforts, and keep winning more deals.

Install Your Introhive Integration

If you’re an Introhive user with a HubSpot account looking to take your sales to the next level, consider integrating your systems. Ready to give it a try? You can install it right now using the SyncSmart UI. 

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