A Lean, Mean, Agile Machine: The NetSuite HubSpot Integration UI

A Lean, Mean, Agile Machine: The NetSuite HubSpot Integration UI

June 28, 2022

Have you or anyone in your company ever spent hours shuffling through Excel spreadsheets to try and locate information needed for a marketing campaign?

What about waiting for days for someone to pass over data to help land a deal or move a sales opportunity forward? Searching for a password so you can log into a system on your own to retrieve data can take too long when you’re working on a critical project.

A HubSpot NetSuite integration connects your CRM and marketing platforms to eliminate these situations and put more time back in your teams’ days so they can focus on their roles. And with SyncSmart’s user interface (UI), implementing your integration is faster than ever. 

See how the interface takes this specific integration to the next level, helping you cut your sales and marketing efforts in half. 

What is the UI and Why is it Beneficial?

Currently, users can purchase Contacts, Companies, and Deals on the UI manage their HubSpot NetSuite integration. The UI lets you completely control your NetSuite integration with minimal interaction from the SyncSmart team and zero interruption to your processes. 

For a full look at what objects are available on the UI, head to the NetSuite product page. 

How does this work? It starts with you installing the app via the HubSpot marketplace. Choose which objects you want to sync and pay for the integration right then and there. After that, you can edit and manage your object mappings in the UI, including field data and sync runs. You’ll no longer rely solely on an integration implementation consultant and whether their schedule fits in with yours. 

Even better? Allowing you to stand up your integration 100% on your own simplifies your tech stack. Instead of struggling to use your CRM and HubSpot separately, they’ll sync together without you having to touch a thing. You won’t have to create elaborate workarounds or consider adding even more software to your business. You’ll immediately enjoy the power of connected data sets using the UI. 

What once took months can now take a few hours. No more wondering, “Are we almost ready? Can we go live?” With such autonomy over your integration, you’ll be able to start making business decisions ASAP, saving time and improving efficiency.

Let’s explore that a little more.

How The HubSpot NetSuite Integration Benefits Businesses

Generally speaking, as companies grow, they add more and more software to their tech stack, hoping it will create momentum and achieve real business outcomes. This often leads to a mass of disconnected applications that do the opposite. Disparate systems are unable to fluidly share data across sales and marketing, creating potential errors and frustrations, and tedious manual work. Ultimately, you’re running an inefficient game. 

As alluded to, the HubSpot NetSuite integration using the SyncSmart UI can help you avoid the fatal kiss of a complicated, disconnected tech start and offer real benefits to your business. With it, you and your team can: 

  • Operate out of a single platform. Typically, your sales team will choose to work out of NetSuite, and marketing will work out of HubSpot. But both will be able to access the same, up-to-date data. Working out of one system will reduce errors caused by manually entering contact, company, deals, quotes, or invoice data. A lack of mistakes means less time, money, and effort wasted on correcting said issues and more time, money, and effort spent zeroing in on data-driven decisions. 
  • Reduce frustrations created by lack of communication and data sharing. When NetSuite and HubSpot don’t sync, sales and marketing teams and their productivity can suffer. The integration on the UI gives you immediate access to all of your NetSuite in HubSpot so you can create better strategies, delegate tasks, improve customer nurturing, land deals faster, and ultimately generate higher revenue.
  • Get a clear line of sight into where you’re spending your dollars. Syncing sales orders and revenue to HubSpot from NetSuite allows you to analyze your budget and whether it’s being spent wisely. Use reporting add-on dashboards, revenue reporting, advanced list segmentation, workflows, and other closed-loop tools to analyze your efforts.
  • Work together more effectively. Efficiency also stems from your marketing and sales team’s ability to access the data they need when needed, which is possible with the integration’s syncing capabilities. Whether you use customers, contacts, or a mix of both, the integration delivers all the intelligence directly into native NetSuite fields. The HubSpot public contact page, loaded with even more details, is just a click away. With their systems connected and unified, sales can work in NetSuite without missing a beat, and marketing can work in HubSpot. No more multiple logins and losing track of where they’re working within your tech stack. More importantly, they can collaborate with the robust data flowing between the two without having to schedule long meetings or email questions back and forth. 

Perhaps the most significant benefit to companies looking to be leaner, more agile, and improve efficiency? An integration like this lets you truly scale your efforts. As you grow, manual processes and multiple systems can’t keep up. But by using the NetSuite HubSpot integration on the SyncSmart UI, your tech stack will no longer be choppy, and you can focus on scaling by tapping into meaningful data.

An Integration Built By You, For You

With the NetSuite integration on the SyncSmart UI, you won’t be integrating just for the sake of integrating. You’ll be gaining access to the most up-to-date data, relieving your teams of messy situations and wasted time, finally understanding what makes your business successful, and achieving real growth. 

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