One System for Your Team: Using Your Dynamics Data in HubSpot

One System for Your Team: Using Your Dynamics Data in HubSpot

December 6, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics is a well-known, powerful CRM that companies of different business verticals use to house leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and other critical data. For some, it’s a great experience to propel their sales and marketing efforts forward. Unfortunately for others, the experience of using Dynamics doesn’t meet their expectations, bogging down their efficiency. A HubSpot Dynamics integration can help if you struggle with the Dynamics interface. 

What Is A HubSpot Dynamics Integration?

If you’re new to integrations, you may be curious about what they are. A HubSpot Dynamics integration from SyncSmart connects your two disparate systems using our syncing technology, allowing you to align your sales and marketing teams and make data-based decisions about your business. It offers detailed, granular insight into your operations by bidirectionally (or one directionally) syncing records to flow securely between Dynamics and HubSpot field mappings. No more mess or confusion.

Simply put, this means that all your Dynamics data will live within the HubSpot ecosystem (and vice versa), with instant, immediate access to the most up-to-date information for your teams. 

You can view all the up-to-date object mappings that are available with this integration here. 

How Does The Integration Improve Your Experience?

When you connect your Dynamics system with HubSpot using top-rate syncing technology, all your data will be housed within both platforms. Because of this, both sales and marketing will have the visibility they need to work on projects in HubSpot and Dynamics. Your team can then choose if they want to work out of Dynamics or out of HubSpot. 

They’ll never have to switch between the two or use the platform they don’t prefer. All that data is in one centralized location, with one simple login. So if HubSpot is your go-to, you can quickly get everything you need right there, bettering your experience. Specifically, the integration: 

  • Saves time by logging into and staying in one system throughout the work day
  • Offers a quicker experience when looking for information 
  • Gives sales and marketing access to all the information they need about contacts, companies, deals, owners, accounts, opportunities, and more in ONE system
  • Erases the need to search for data in multiple systems or interrupt a coworker with an email or meeting
  • Provides easy access and control for newer or non-technical employees who may be less familiar with Dynamics 
  • Helps your business understand your customer or buyer’s journey better through all the tools HubSpot can offer, such as their closed-loop reporting capabilities that highlight what campaigns have worked and which haven’t and more
  • Removes time-sucking manual processes like updating spreadsheets or editing and deleting records in either system — any change in Dynamics will automatically happen in HubSpot 
  • Eliminates adding or learning any other additional software to your tech stack, as the two systems communicate with each other perfectly 

Ultimately, the HubSpot Dynamics integration empowers your sales and marketing teams to work in the system that makes sense for them. Doing so can tap into the data needed for more decisive marketing campaigns, improved lead scoring, automated marketing, and sales tasks, and detailed reporting for optimization and iteration of your efforts. 

Amplify Your Experience

At SyncSmart, we create tools that let you connect and transform your experience using Dynamics and HubSpot data. Explore the integration more and be on your way to a better experience for your teams.

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