Efficient and Seamless: The Pros of Syncing ConnectWise and HubSpot
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Efficient and Seamless: The Pros of Syncing ConnectWise and HubSpot

June 29, 2022

Efficiency is an essential component of successful sales and marketing practices. A well-oiled tech stack can make that possible, but if your systems operate disparately, it can hold your efficiency back. If you use ConnectWise and HubSpot currently and find yourself facing this exact issue, you’re in luck. Syncing ConnectWise and HubSpot can help. 

Let’s explore how.

A ConnectWise+HubSpot integration combines the power of your ConnectWise account with HubSpot, allowing the two to share sales and marketing data seamlessly. The integration bidirectionally syncs certain objects and their related information and users can manage these objects and their fields through the SyncSmart user interface (UI). Here’s what that looks like: 

ConnectWise Contacts <-> HubSpot Contacts

ConnectWise Companies <-> HubSpot Companies

ConnectWise Opportunities <-> HubSpot Deals 

ConnectWise Contact <-> HubSpot Contacts 

What does that mean exactly? Let’s say you create a new contact in ConnectWise and add all its pertinent details, like the assigned sales rep. With a ConnectWise+HubSpot integration, that object and its information will flow into HubSpot instantly — without you having to do anything! 

Once that data is in HubSpot, you can use the automation platform’s tools to market to that contact appropriately. For sales reps, the integration helps by sending marketing-qualified and sales-qualified lead data back to ConnectWise, allowing them to interact with leads most likely to convert. 

And that’s not all. Let’s dive a little deeper. 

The Benefits of Syncing ConnectWise and HubSpot

As noted, the core function of a ConnectWise+HubSpot integration is to keep your marketing and sales databases aligned, so your teams can utilize the most up-to-date information in their roles. The integration also: 

  • Allows your marketing and sales teams to operate out of one platform instead of switching between multiple systems (for sales, this will typically be ConnectWise while marketing will stay in HubSpot).
  • Keeps information flowing from one system to another, eliminating the need for sales and marketing team members to interrupt each other throughout the day looking for data (when object data is updated in one system, it will sync to the other within 5-10 minutes). 
  • Gives your sales team deep insights into contact, company, and opportunity data so they can build a realistic sales pipeline.
  • Provides visibility into each other’s activities (sales can see how marketing uses data for campaigns, and marketing can check on updated sales pipelines).
  • Gets rid of the need for maintaining manual spreadsheets or other tedious processes. 
  • Automates various sales and marketing communications, saving ample time. 
  • Offers marketing the most accurate information on where a contact is in the buyer’s journey, letting them market to all your company’s lifecycles at the right time with the right message. 
  • Lets your teams personalize and contextualize different campaigns, which is proven to drive performance and better outcomes.
  • Supports robust reporting to optimize sales efforts over time and achieve real growth.
  • Reduces costs by avoiding switching systems, buying additional software, or hiring CRM or automation platform administrators to get the data you need. 

The biggest benefit? Using a ConnectWise+HubSpot integration helps your teams improve efficiency because they’re communicating better, spending less time on unnecessary or manual tasks, and focusing their efforts on successful campaigns. 

Become More Efficient Today

Your team can reap these benefits too. Start your ConnectWise+HubSpot integration by checking out our Pricing Calculator for transparent and predictable pricing. And because you can manage your experience thanks to the SyncSmart UI, you’re in complete control. Take your cost estimate, swipe your card, and start standing up your integration with your team! As always, if you need any additional support, we are here to help. 

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