The SyncSmart ConnectWise HubSpot Integration vs. The Competition

The SyncSmart ConnectWise HubSpot Integration vs. The Competition

November 29, 2022

Are you looking to get the most out of your ConnectWise and HubSpot data? Integrating your two systems allows you to automate marketing, improve sales processes, beef up reporting, and much more.

But what provider should you choose for your ConnectWise HubSpot integration? Let’s look at your options.


Zapier lets you send new HubSpot contacts and their related data to ConnectWise Manage. Their integration works off of built-in “triggers” and “actions.” For example, when a new contact is available in HubSpot, a trigger called “New Contact” happens in ConnectWise Manage instantly. There are several other triggers and actions that you can pick when you’re setting up the integration.

What Zapier syncs:

  • HubSpot contacts -> ConnectWise Manage contacts

Other things to note about this integration:

  • It is self-managed, with a few knowledge base articles to help you set up.
  • It is also self-implemented and takes around three minutes to authenticate, pick your triggers and actions, and choose the exact data you want to send from one app to the other.
  • Zapier does not have a support team.
  • It’s lightweight compared to others — the integration does not sync opportunities or deals, and it is only one-way. In contrast, others are bidirectional (what happens in one system occurs in the other).

Price: Free offers a more in-depth ConnectWise HubSpot integration. It is a full-service integration solution provider, unlike Zapier, and similar to our services at SyncSmart. Also, unlike Zapier, it offers more objects and bidirectional syncing of certain objects.

What syncs:

  • ConnectWise Contacts <-> HubSpot Contacts
  • ConnectWise Companies <-> HubSpot Companies
  • ConnectWise Opportunities <-> HubSpot Deals
  • ConnectWise Activities <- HubSpot Engagements
  • ConnectWise Projects & Agreements -> HubSpot Timeline
  • ConnectWise Owners <-> HubSpot Owners

What else you need to know about this integration:

  • Users get access to setup, management, and support services.
  • will map standard and custom/fields and properties during the setup. 
  • They designed the integration specifically for managed service, security, and solution providers.

Price: $500 a month for the professional tier and $1,000 a month for the enterprise tier.

Data Sync by HubSpot

Data Sync by HubSpot — launched in 2021 with the announcement of Operations Hub — is a more robust integration solution similar to SyncSmart. It offers a ConnectWise Manage integration. It syncs some objects one way and others bidirectionally.

What Data Sync syncs:

  • ConnectWise Manage catalog items -> HubSpot products
  • ConnectWise Manage companies <-> HubSpot companies
  • ConnectWise Manage contacts <-> HubSpot contacts
  • ConnectWise Manage opportunities <-> HubSpot deals

Like Zapier, it is self-managed and self-implemented, and updates are made in real time as data syncs. Unlike Zapier and, you get historical data syncing with this integration.

Other essential details to be aware of:

  • It syncs all default field mappings for each object
  • Custom field mappings for HubSpot users are available for anyone with Operations Hub Starter and up

However, the Data Sync integration misses critical elements that can leave users hanging, such as:

  • Missing data objects like line items
  • Inability to bring in important data like ConnectWise Manage opportunity price to HubSpot deals
  • Not all companies have domains or unique identifiers for matching specific data
  • Not many customization options, if any
  • No sandbox environment for testing

Price: Free, but the integration requires an Operations Hub and ConnectWise Manage account.


You know about us if you’ve read any of our blogs or browsed our website. If you haven’t, we’ll detail what sets us apart. We are a cloud-based integration provider that offers a robust, completely bidirectional ConnectWise HubSpot integration similar to Data Sync but with more object mapping capabilities, features, and setup and support packages.

What we sync:

  • ConnectWise Contacts <-> HubSpot Contacts
  • ConnectWise Companies <-> HubSpot Companies
  • ConnectWise Opportunities <-> HubSpot Deals
  • ConnectWise Contact Activity <-> HubSpot Contacts
  • ConnectWise Product Catalog -> HubSpot Product Library
  • ConnectWise Forecast <-> HubSpot Line Items

Other important details to note that set us apart from the competition:

  • We offer sandbox environments to let you experiment with your integration without affecting your live production.
  • We support all standard and custom fields with a few exceptions (however, we can offer workarounds).
  • The integration can filter on any combination of standard or custom fields when syncing from ConnectWise to HubSpot.
  • We let users choose how to set up their integration with our user interface (UI) or guided implementation.
  • We offer drop-down mappings, owner mappings, drop-down value syncing, and version history control.
  • We have a full support team and managed support packages if you need assistance or customization beyond the standard integration.

Price: $300 setup cost and $275 per object per month.

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