Coming Soon: Connect All Your HubSpot Portals With Multi-Portal Sync
Multi-Portal Sync

Coming Soon: Connect All Your HubSpot Portals With Multi-Portal Sync

October 18, 2022

Sometimes one HubSpot portal isn’t enough to run a business — especially if you have multiple corporate subsidiaries, franchises, multiple locations, strategic partnerships, or global teams. 

If that’s the case, you may opt for multiple HubSpot accounts with different logins and permissions scattered across your organization. For some, this works well. For others, the lack of connection between portals may cause business pains. If you fall into the latter category, don’t worry — the Multi-Portal Sync integration coming soon from the SyncSmart team, which syncs multiple "child" portals to one “mother” portal, is here to help. 

Note: The Multi-Portal Sync integration is not yet live. It is coming soon. The following information will address what users can expect when the SyncSmart team has completed it! 

How Does the HubSpot Multi-Portal Sync Integration Work? 

The HubSpot Multi-Portal Sync integration offers two options of data syncing. First, you can sync contacts, companies, deals, and engagements from your child portals to your mother or main portal. You can also sync properties and pipelines from your mother portal to your child portals. It will depend on whatever your business use case is. 

For more information on any new objects the integration can sync, visit the Multi-Portal sync product page. 

For example, suppose you're sending contact information from your child portals to your mother portal. In that case, it could be because you want your HQ or corporate office to report on how your franchisees or businesses are doing. You may send property and pipeline data to your child portals from your main portal to pass deal information to locations. 

Why does this any of this matter? By connecting multiple portals, companies can securely share their data across the entire organization — whether that's different business units, departments, or something else. How exactly does that work? Companies will designate a mother or parent portal that feeds information into child portals. While most companies only use a handful of portals, the integration can handle unlimited portals (depending on the tier of integration purchased).

The Benefits of The HubSpot Multi-Portal Sync Integration 

SyncSmart’s technology helps companies using multiple HubSpot portals provide their various teams with the most accurate, up-to-date data necessary to achieve real business growth. You can access vital data to make better-informed decisions when your portals are connected. 

Your company will also enjoy other benefits and features such as: 

  • Alignment of sales and marketing departments across multiple business units
  • Clarity into how all HubSpot users are interacting with contacts
  • Consistent, high-quality data available for all portals without the risk of overwriting
  • No overlapping work for sales, marketing, or service departments 
  • Reduced conflict of interest for account executives throughout the broader organization
  • Opportunities for more personalized, consistent, and automated marketing and sales, collateral
  • Elimination of manual data entry and other tasks that eat up time 
  • Integration firing in the background every few minutes, erasing the need to worry if data is passing between portals 
  • Real-time monitoring of the SyncSmart integration platform and resolution of critical errors 
  • Supported by a multi-step, multi-level security system 
  • Completely software-free, removing the need to learn or license a new system

Your organization will also be able to test your integration using a sandbox environment. With this, you can tinker with your integration without affecting your live, production account. With the integration, companies can gain visibility into their entire business from top-down or bottom-up, and benefit from data sharing rules that propagate across all connected portals.

Start Using the HubSpot Multi-Portal Sync Integration Today

Disconnected portals are a thing of the past thanks to the HubSpot Multi-Portal Sync integration from SyncSmart. If you’re eager to make better use of your entire organization’s data, then reach out to the SyncSmart team today to learn more about when the app will be live.  

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