Introducing The HubSpot + Introhive Integration

Introducing The HubSpot + Introhive Integration

October 13, 2022

How many software systems does your company use? 

Would you be surprised to hear that last year, the average number of tools and applications used by organizations was a whopping 110? Right off the bat, that number can be overwhelming, but when you think about it, it’s easy to see how it happens.

Your company needs one solution to do X. As you grow, you need something to perform Y, and so on until you’ve amassed a jumble of solutions. For most companies, it gets worse. Those tools aren’t connected, leaving behind a trail of manual processes, data silos, confusion, and lost time

Fortunately, there is a remedy: a HubSpot integration. At SyncSmart, we’ve created several HubSpot integrations, allowing various CRMs and other solutions to sync data seamlessly with HubSpot. We want to tell you more about one of our offering, the HubSpot Introhive integration

Let’s dive in. 

Why SyncSmart Created the HubSpot Introhive Integration

Introhive is a B2B customer intelligence platform or data warehouse with some reporting and other capabilities. Many organizations want to utilize that data in HubSpot to take advantage of tools offered within HubSpot. Specifically, Introhive customers want to use their company and contact data — including properties associated with each — for sales, marketing, customer success, and operations campaigns. 

SyncSmart created the integration to help with just that. You can build stronger, more personalized workflows by syncing Introhive data into HubSpot, from lead nurturing to re-engagement campaigns, communication with SQLs, upselling, and more. Sales or marketing team members can pass information to revenue teams to improve win rates. And anyone in your company can benefit from advanced reporting and list segmentation capabilities in HubSpot. 

When data syncs on its own, you’ll save time by not having to log into multiple platforms, ask someone for information, or look through and update lengthy spreadsheets. Even better? You’ll never have to worry about someone accidentally entering data incorrectly, potentially ruining a campaign. 

Ultimately, we wanted to ensure Introhive and HubSpot users can access the information they need to be successful in their business processes — whatever they may be. 

How Does the HubSpot Introhive Integration Work? 

Introhive is a data repository that syncs with Hubspot using CSV data extracts. The SyncSmart integration takes these data extracts — large data files of contacts, companies, and other fields like activities, relationships, and scores — and imports them into HubSpot and associates them with the correct field mappings within your HubSpot portal. The object mappings look like this: 

  • Introhive Contacts -> HubSpot Contacts
  • Introhive Company -> HubSpot Company

For a full list of what object mappings are available, check out the Introhive product page. 

SyncSmart supports companies (with Introhive industries and scores) and contacts (with Introhive scores and relationships) or just contacts or companies. Introhive has a long list of available data extracts, like activities, social networks, accounts, and more, which we can support through configurations later. 

Set Up The HubSpot Introhive Integration

The HubSpot Introhive integration can be installed easily using the SyncSmart UI.  Head to the UI here and select your objects and billing plan. All of the available objects feed accurate Introhive data into HubSpot once a day, allowing you to dig into HubSpot’s tools and take your business to the next level. So, get started today! 


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